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Hey, I have a e46 m3 coming in a few weeks and Im looking for an alarm system. Can anyone recommend anything to me?
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where did u buy and install this?
do u have the remote starter too?

Also was it only 320 to buy and install together?

Have you had any problems with accidently triggering the car jacking device?

Thanks, This is the alarm I wanted and if its cheaper than the OEM im getting it for sure.
well my friend got carjacked at gun point in our good area. I want the anti car jack activated all the time until we find a new area. I was thinking I might have problems with dropping people off in my car. Think about activating the anti car jack and dropping someone off while forgetting to deactivate it. That would suck. So its only 320 to buy and install together?
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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