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Hey, I have a e46 m3 coming in a few weeks and Im looking for an alarm system. Can anyone recommend anything to me?
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I recommend getting a Clifford. Most of the models offered carry much more feature than any OEM product.

I purchased mine for $320 installed with all the options inluding anti-carjacking.
Shahin, I purchased it from Car Audio Systems in Mt View, CA.

ImolaEd, here is how the carjacking works.

Whenever you are in a bad area, you activate the carjacking device. This requires that you enter a code each time you open and close your doors. If you forget, there is a warning chirp that prompts you. Failure to do so within the required 30 seconds, the doors will lock, the engine will shut off and the alarm will activate.

So if I ever get carjacked, I just hand them the car and within 1 block the car will stop running.

Feel free to let me know if you have anymore questions.

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Shahin, I have a manual so I couldnt get the remote start. Other than that, it has every feature.

Its hard for you to trigger the carjacking since it requires entering a code.
yup $320. Bring cash, since you will get a better deal. :p
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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