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Alcantara durability

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I've seen quite a few posts from the ZHPers talking about their steering wheels. There are cars out there (Audi S4 and the Porsche 987 are current examples) that come with alcantara used on the center of the seat. Does anyone have long-term experience with alcantara in that application? Does it hold up well? As well as leather?

I suppose the toughest test might indeed be the steering wheel -- hands constantly moving over the surface as we drive.

I don't remember hearing about alcantara until the last decade or so, but I remember reviewers joking about "mouse fur" dashes on Ferraris of some years ago. Today I found an interesting nugget: The Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona of the late 60s/early 70s had alcantara on the upper dash. I suspect that was the 'mouse fur" being made fun of at the time. I had no idea alcantara had been around so long.

The reason this comes up is that I am obssessing lately on the subject of Porsche and there in the order guide is that "Interior to sample" line. Hmmm...bicolor interior with black leather and contrasting alcantara?
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I think Alcantara cmes in many different grades; some more durable than others. But, in general, its considered to be a very durable fabric.
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