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AlexB!! Look at this colour...

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Don't think it's mora metallic right? But it sure looks different. :D But is the interior Ecru??

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Thanks for the pic, Vince. Gorgeous color ! :thumb:

As atcylb said, it's Chiaretto Red and the interior is cremeweiss (cream white). It's the full-leather option. Price : about $3500 (in Germany)

BTW, I've decided, Vince. I'm going to do it ! ;)
BTW, isn't there a drawer under the light switch in the US spec cars ? (just curious)
in_d_haus said:
Is the //M3 badge on the front bumper (next to the plate) standard in Europe?
No. Never seen it before. I've checked the pics I have, nothing there.
Re: Or Chestnut Metallic???

aldo said:
Chiaretto red or BMW Individual - Chestnut metallic?
You may have right there. In the first pic it's like Chiaretto but in the second one, under direct light, it's definitely Chestnut.

The fascinating fact about Individual colors is, they look different under different light.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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