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Ok, just got an alignment done but the steering feels really vague (empty, null, detached, you get the idea) at speeds of 100mph+. I did just move to 19" rims and tires, but when I had the stock 17" rims on, the steering was stable at all speeds. The way it is now, I'm scared to go over 100mph....

I've attached the print-out from the alignment I got today. Since I got the alignment done at a German place, the printout is in German, of course. I sent a PM to Alex Baumann to help me translate, but I think that Nachlauf means caster, Sturz means camber, and Spur means toe-in... :dunno: By the way, vorne means front and hinten means rear :p

How much toe-in should an E46 330Ci have stock? Any other thoughts or ideas to this problem?


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