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All new from BMW: The Pastoral Package

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I just wanted to let you all take a look at my new 330i with the premium, sport, and pastoral packages. New from BMW, the pastoral package complements the 3 series' already sharp design lines with a contrasting white stripe throughout the middle of the vehicle and a black cross in the front hood. In addition to it's great external decor, the pastoral package features white leather interior with black cross insignia.

Needless to say, everyone at my parish has been greatly impressed by my taste in cars and the exclusive look of my factory custom-ordered BMW. If there are any other fellow pastors or priests out there on, I'd encourage you to consider ordering the pastoral package on your next 3 series BMW. Please contact your local BMW center for further details and pricing information.

Due to a special request made by Mr. Jon Shafer at Cutter Motors, it has been arranged for my 330i to be on display at this year's Bimmerfest. Since I'm in the UK, my vehicle was already put on a ship and is in the process of being transported to the west coast of the US. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

Best regards,
Father Kardell


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It might be the picture, Father, but I can't help but notice how fake that looks.
You would think BMW would have at least aligned the cross with the rest of the body . . .:tsk:
Ackster said:
You would think BMW would have at least aligned the cross with the rest of the body . . .:tsk:
its cuz it fake
Ackster said:
I know, that was my point.:D
doh, I am not with it today :yikes: :confused: :eek: :thumb:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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