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Good evening. I'm an older woman who has always had a need for speed. That didn't dwindle with I've looked at the posts on this wonderful list on several occasions but have never posted a question. Well, now I need help rapidly. It storms daily and I'm concerned about this new situation that might ruin my BMW. Tonight all four windows and the moon roof opened when I turned the key in the door . . . it looked like a circus! I got in, turned her on, closed all of the above, locked her up and came back inside. I didn't want to be stuck with a potential electrical problem
Any suggestions concerning what is going on? Also she had small little alarm type noises twice. The driver's door didn't unlock the first time I tried. Please help me. I am a little scared of this expensive toy I should never have purchased. Last month I had a new rear passenger axle and wheel bearing replaced. It's got a huge list of all the new parts I've been replacing just to keep her on the road. However, I owe too much to simply sell her. . .
And when she works, she flies.lil. Past cars were a Dodge Magnum with a hemi engine and a Porsche 911 so I do like cars that handle nicely . . .
Oh, it's a 2002 325i. :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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