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all windows and moon roof opened when door unlocked

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Good evening. I'm an older woman who has always had a need for speed. That didn't dwindle with I've looked at the posts on this wonderful list on several occasions but have never posted a question. Well, now I need help rapidly. It storms daily and I'm concerned about this new situation that might ruin my BMW. Tonight all four windows and the moon roof opened when I turned the key in the door . . . it looked like a circus! I got in, turned her on, closed all of the above, locked her up and came back inside. I didn't want to be stuck with a potential electrical problem
Any suggestions concerning what is going on? Also she had small little alarm type noises twice. The driver's door didn't unlock the first time I tried. Please help me. I am a little scared of this expensive toy I should never have purchased. Last month I had a new rear passenger axle and wheel bearing replaced. It's got a huge list of all the new parts I've been replacing just to keep her on the road. However, I owe too much to simply sell her. . .
And when she works, she flies.lil. Past cars were a Dodge Magnum with a hemi engine and a Porsche 911 so I do like cars that handle nicely . . .
Oh, it's a 2002 325i. :)
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I've seen youtube videos of guys also closing all windows and roof via key remote. Yet my E46 330ci only opens with remote. How do I get everything to close without putting key in door or getting in and doing it from inside the car?

Anyone in the Los Angeles area know who can code the car so windows will roll up when lock button is pushed on key remote?

There are literally about 1,000 ppl in the LA area that can code it for you. :bigpimp:
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