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on my way home to the land of disney about 30 minutes ago, i enter the 91 freeway eastbound from the knott onramp in buena park. it's been an accustomed habit of mine to gun the ramp just in case i cross slower traffic (i.e. big rigs) on the slow lane. out of nowhere, a white e39 sedan (dunno if it was an i6 or a v8 since it was debadged) floors it behind me! i slow down since i wanted to give him a thumbs up for being an AW brotha!
instead of jumping slowly to my left, he guns it even more! i noticed his depo projectors and style 5s. it was definitely a pre +01 since it had the black moldings. for a while i thought it was brandon since we relatively live within the same area... but the height was a tad bit high...and no gold rivets =P...

he passes me completely and saw that it had led tails. definitely not brandon. i try to chase him to roll my window to persistently give him a thumbs up again...but he punches it once more. the way he accelerated, i kinda figured he was an i6. said to myself, "f it, i'll just pass him if he doesn't want to respond nicely =)." so i floor it, i leave him behind as he tries unsuccessfully to catch up. i guess my 528i badge really is deceiving, lol...

incoming slow traffic stops me from speeding and plus i had to jump on 5 south already. the sedan jumps over the big rig in front of me and tries to taunt me by slowing down and resulting the big rig to slow down even more. he was lucky i was locked in behind while i had two cars to my right. and as ramp was going towards 5 south, he jumps back on 91, WTF?

anyway, whoever you may be, i really only wanted to give you a thumbs up! if ur active on this forum...please chime in! hopefully we can do some decent runs together! =)

***this story is fictional, just a dream i woke up from 30 mins ago =P***
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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