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Aluminum Floor Jack on Sale at Harbor

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At Homecoming a day before yesterday, FredR told me and Jon about a floor jack on sale at Harbor Freight. Appears to be identical to the $599 one at Griots, only for $199.

We ordered one to see. The Harbor one does not have the Strong-Strut like lightening holes, which is probably a good thing. Might explain why Harbor says 37 lbs and Griots says 35 lbs.

Not sure how long the sale lasts at Harbor. Will post again when she comes in when we do 3.46 install 14 days from today. This jack does not go quite as low as the DK jacks Steve has at Ultimate Garage, but you can never have too many tools.


Harbor Frieght:

Sale at Harbor Freight.

Andy Maddux
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Nice . . .

Griot's will only charge me $400 to drill about 8 holes! I'll call them right away :lmao:

Thanks for the tip, I'll let HACK and Kaz know about it. :)
I bought one of these a few months ago... Very happy with it!

Seems to be of very high quality, low saddle height, very high lift height, light weight, handle breaks down into two peices to fit in the trunk easily.

The local H.F. store was selling them at $180... I think the mail order price is slightly higher.

H.F. seems to have a real mix of stuff... Some stuff is very low quality and dirt cheap, other stuff seems to be pretty high quality, and still way less expensive than the competition. The jack seems to fall into the latter category.

I also bought a 2 HP 8 gallon 4.2 CFM compressor there for $99 ($150 on the web site) that I'm also very happy with, especially for the price!
Had problems with mine...

I bought one too. Unfortunately after about a week it quit working. Pump down on the handle, let go, and the handle would slowly rise back up and the car would slowly sink back down! It goes back to them tomorrow for replacement. Hopefully this was an isolated incident because I really like the jack.

Our local store was out of stock and couldn't tell us when they were getting more in, so Jim mail ordered it. The mail order price was indeed a bit higher but there was no shipping charge and no sales tax so it pretty much washed.
Mine's supposed to ship on Friday

I ordered one just a few days after the original post in this thread. Last week I got a postcard letting me know that the item was on back-order (I had gotten impatient and called a few days previous, so that was old news) and would arrive at HF on Friday, October 4. They say it will take 10-14 business days to ship!!

With my son leaving home and heading for the East coast, I've got to replace the jack he's taking with him, so this came at just the right time.
I know two people with this jack and both of them are quite happy with it. I'm slowly getting more frustrated with my Crafstman unit, and I'll probably replace it with the HF jack when I've had enough.
I have the Harbor one. Used it last weekend to change pads and rotors on 92 325i.

No problems. Nothing but happiness.
Hey Jon . . .

When using the Harbor Freight model with a Z3, where are your jack points and where do you place the jack stands?
Re: Hey Jon . . .

scottn2retro said:
When using the Harbor Freight model with a Z3, where are your jack points and where do you place the jack stands?
Jack point in forward is cross member aft of steering rack. On S54s, you have to remove and cut the underbody cowling. Mine is cut, but I do not yet have a supercool door feature like Ron does. This winter I will get to it.

Jack point in aft is cross member forward of diff, as shown in my 3.46 post.

There is a 3/4" lightneing hole drilled in each location, forward and aft. This data is shown on Stygar's site for his 318ti, which is of course identical to our cars.

I use jacks stands at the factory jack locations. I have Stygar jack stands that are custom to fit Z3s.
I just got the new Harbor Freight catalog and they have the jack on sale again so if you missed it a few months ago, now's the time to get it. It is now $169.99. They are also showing that it is available in either Red, Blue and Ear-Wax Gold for $189.99.
One year replacement warranty

I purchased my light weight aluminum jack at a Harbor Freight retail store for $169.99 and was informed that a one year replacement warranty was included in the price. This is in addition to the 90 day manufacturer's warranty. The retail sales clerk will give you a warranty certificate and you register the jack on-line at the Harbor Freight website.
I found that my jack was very low on oil and did not lift in six pumps. Added jack oil and everything works now.

Jim Millet
2000 M Coupe
I saw what looks like one of these jacks on the Turner Motorsport Shop Cam as they were working on Will Turner's World Challenge car :)
I just went to order one online and the price is $179.00 ($10 more than the catalog). I am going to call tomorrow and see which price is correct.
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