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Am I crazy?

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I installed my new steering wheel last night. The DIY from was good took me twenty minutes ten of them reading the damn instructions. But I have a dilema. My original steering wheel did not have the buttons and the new one does. Now the buttons dont work and I am pretty sure they were all plugged in correctly. Does anyone know if the buttons have to be activated?
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As I recall, there are some computer things that have to be done when installing a new steering wheel - at least that is what the technician at my service dept told me. I am no one to mess with exploding air bags, so I had BMW service install M3 wheel. 30 minutes of labor and two cups of coffee later, it was done.

The only controls you are missing are the stereo functions (you said that you don't have cruise control). Not sure what to tell you! I guess that is the fun of a DIY project ...

eugeneDC/TX said:
that is weird to me because bmws come prewired for everything. huh. oh well too bad. did you install the m3 wheel, you didnt specify. if so, why not keep it, the feel is SO much better than the stock
I agree. The "buttons" don't make that much difference IMHO, unless you have cruise control.

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