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Am I crazy?

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I installed my new steering wheel last night. The DIY from was good took me twenty minutes ten of them reading the damn instructions. But I have a dilema. My original steering wheel did not have the buttons and the new one does. Now the buttons dont work and I am pretty sure they were all plugged in correctly. Does anyone know if the buttons have to be activated?
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JimmyNY said:
Well after much research it is concluded that if you dont have a multifunction steering wheel you never will. So I am selling it in the Classifieds forum.

Thanks for everything
that is weird to me because bmws come prewired for everything. huh. oh well too bad. did you install the m3 wheel, you didnt specify. if so, why not keep it, the feel is SO much better than the stock
JimmyNY said:
Well its out already the thing is I like the feeling but if I could I would rather have the one without the buttons. It would make me feel better that they are not there so I dont keep wishing they worked.

I already asked about the wheel without the buttons it is about 80 bucks less than this one. So um yeah
one without buttons? they make m3 wheels like this? dope. ha, i have buttons that dont work on my car. (phone ones) if i was more tech savvy i'd try to rewire one to be a mode button... damn i hate hitting that cd/fm buttons to change. maybe also a fm button to switch between fm banks... oh well. enjoy your steering wheel, whichever one you end up with
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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