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Am I stupid?

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I'm considering an '01 530i automatic with stupid low less than 20k low. I owned an '03 330i in the past but sold because it was too small when my first kid came along. Fast forward to today and I still miss that car. So this would be my daily driver (which isn't all that much driving) and for carrying kids around town (baby and 7 yr old). Maybe short trips to the beach every now and then.

What's intriguing to me is this '01 530 is literally in brand new condition, color combo I like, low mileage. I'm SUPER particular about cleanliness of my cars and everything being original and like new condition - this one definitely fits that bill. I know it'll need work over time due to its age but I'd honestly rather put money into maintaining this over a much higher payment on a new model. The e39 is EXACTLY the style 5-series I prefer.

TBH, the fact that it has so few miles is a bit concerning given the cars age. So.......y'all help this over analytical engineer decide if buying this car as my daily driver is a good idea or if I'm insane.

My gut/head says to go for it and don't look back. The realist in me says to keep driving the '07 MB E350 w/ 95k miles that's clean, rides smooth and is paid for. The struggle is REAL!
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I just brought home a 1997 E39 528i from France. Only 30k miles on her... I insured it for the voyage value @15K. not sure what value the insurance company gave it--better check! But, I have collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist, 250/500, without classic or antique designation or mileage/driver limitations. Costs me over $2000/year in SW Louisiana. Shelter Ins.
We have one of highest insurance rates in the nation and also by coincidence, more trial lawyers in Louisiana than alligators--and we have beaucoup alligators...
Seems like some of your populations of various critters are out of balance. Fortunately trial lawyers are considered a delicacy by your poor hungry alligators. Bon Appetite!
I'd be very wary of State Farm. They've been worming their way into the auto enthusiast world for some years by sponsoring various events and auctions. I used them for well over 30 years with hardly a claim. When an elderly crippled woman lost control of her turbocharged Volvo, ran into me, spun my car around and then plowed into 2 other parked cars, State Farm payed her claim and quadrupled my premiums. No amount of pleading with actual evidence, reasoning and even a lawyer's intervention would change their mind. Guess having an uncle in the biz doesn't hurt though. Caveat Emptor.
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Fricking D.O.T.-- couldn't find the proper replacement for my Euro model right headlamp assembly--BMW had to change the assembly for US market (clear side lens, for one). Parts Geek, Pelican, ECS etc., etc, their searches for my European VIN won't show up on any NEW Parts radar-- Other than Dealership's BMW proprietary parts catalog. So the parts lady looked it up and Germany said none available and wouldn't give a possible shipping date. Might be a good excuse to visit Germany--and hand carry one. Still, it doesn't get much better than a 1997 E39 M52B28, 528i. They had to go and overengineer that model car, their longest running production EVER. That's their job: Engineers must engineer. Alligators say"Send more Antifa down here, please... the last ones were delicious."
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"more trial lawyers in Louisiana than alligators--and we have beaucoup alligators..." So more sharks than alligators...good to know!
Really miss my 02 E39. Replaced with an 08 E60 after totaling, not the same.
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Really miss my 02 E39. Replaced with an 08 E60 after totaling, not the same.
2003 530i
A little pricey for an automatic but it isn't too far from you and looks very well kept.
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