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Amateur installation of Daytime Running Lights

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I would like to install Daytime Running Lights into my 2001 M Roadster. But I am a very amateur mechanic, especially when it comes to car work. The posting by Ron Stygar at got me started down this path. I've gotten the DRL relay (BMW #61 35 8 368 039) to replace the high beam relay. But now my low skill level starts showing....

1. How do you get the lower dash panel on the driver's side completely off? I can get the plastic panel immediately above the pedals out. But I have not figured out how to get the lower dash panel out of the way -- especially the attachments into the center console.
Suggestions? I assume that I should disconnect the battery before doing this.

2. I was able to get the panels partially out of the way -- but my hands are too large or not nimble enough to get the high beam relay out.
So what is the trick to getting the clips on the side of the relay to "let go" (especially when you are standing on your head under the dash)?

3. There were rumors that the wiring scheme may have changed in 2002 for Canadian DRLs.
Just to double check.... has anyone else done this on a 2001 M Roadster?

4. My dealer :banghead:, of course, has been uncooperative on this, including stating that this change could jeopardize warranty of related systems.
Anyone get dealer cooperation on these issues? If so, who -- especially if they're in the LA area.
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DRLs: just the high beams at low current. I had mine installed last year. Turn on lights at the parking light position to have taillights.

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