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Ambient exterior temperature sensor - fixed

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..may help others - ..was damaged at tip, replaced with one from ebay. Still read -40 and I found one wire broken at the socket. Found this by putting wire into socket to short, should read +122 temperature but still read -40, so that meant a wire was broken. So I cut the socket off. On the temp sensor, took a dremel and cutoff the plastic collar so I could solder wires (4" pigtail) on, just briefly hot, otherwise sensor will be damaged. Then soldered pigtails onto the car wires (make sure to get the polarity right or do a temporary connect to first verify.) Then protected the wires with shrink tubing and electrical tape.

The fixture holder for the sensor ripped off so I found what was left of a plastic bracket inside the plastic front bumper under the fog lamp. Secured it with a wad of epoxy putty. Make sure to keep the tip and conical section of the sensor exposed, oherwise the temp won't read right. Used zip ties to secure the wires.
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Great news & good work.

This should help others with issues in the future.
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