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The racing tires that came with my E30 package are wearing more on the outside edge, as expected on a BMW without camber plates. Per advice of the seller (& an ITS racer) I took them to my local tire shop to have them flipped on the rim. So I load up the E30 with the 4 tires (&wheels) and head down to my local Tire shop.

I explain to the manager what I need to do, but he insists they are too worn and that he would be liable if they later had a blowout. LESSON 1) If you have a blowout, your tire store manager knows he is liable; don't let him tell you otherwise.

I emphasized that these were clearly for racing ONLY and that they are not suppose to have as much tread as normal street tires. :mad: Then he ever so gracefully pulled a one liner out from between his butt-cheeks that pimp-slapped me into remembering why the auto repair industry has such a bad dishonest reputation. :mad: He said something to the effect that because the tires are so worn they may blow out on his tire machine and hurt his technician.

Sure these tires have low tread, but every grove was showing. No cords were showing and there was no damage on the sidewall or anything which might cause them to be structurally weak. I fail to believe that the manager of a tire store is so ignorant to think that tires with tall tread blocks are stronger than tires with worn or short tread blocks. To be a tire store managers you have to know about things like cords, ply's, & steel belting!

If he doesn't want to swap the tires fine, but the common denominator in the industry always involves lying to the customer!
:flipoff: :mad:
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