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I spent a good portion of this evening washing the car a little more carefully than I normally do. After I stepped back and looked at the glimmering Titanium paint, I decided to head out and go for a spin.

I headed out to my local secret 1.5 lane back road, for the very first time since I got my car. After a few slow turns experimenting with ASC on/off, I decide that with the combination of little experience pushing the car and the tiny raindrops starting to fall (inevitable since I just dried the car...sigh) I will leave the ASC on. I set up for a nice 20kmh 90 degree turn. Rev-matching into second, I'm roaring at 4k RPM. The car takes its set, refuses to lean, and grabs the road ready for the next turn. I throw it back into third at 4.5k and let the adrenaline drop down a bit for the next turn.

After a series of about 6 or 7 tight turns like this one including one terrifying altitude-changing S-curve, I'm into the next town. Not wanting to take an "ordinary" road back, I pull a quick U-turn and head back to my playground. This time, I'm feeling a little more confident and am starting to catch a few glimpses of the ASC light blinking as I exit turns.

Finally, I gently slide the car out of one of the final 90 degree turns. "Phew" I say out loud, clenching the steering wheel with an authoritive grasp. I slow down for the upcoming 1-lane bridge. "What's that red car up there?" I think to myself, referring to the lonesome machine waiting to cross the bridge. As the traffic clears I squint and discover the car's identity: An M Coupe!

I quickly drop the car back into second for a closer look. I immediately noticed that the mysterious M must have also been out for a spirited drive; he launched with authority and took off up the extremely steep S-curve incline towards the end of the road. Aware of my personal limitations, I come around the corners at a moderate clip. I was in third now, but the hill has my car lugging at only 2k full throttle. I throw it into second, accidentally giving it a *bit* too much gas, chirping the rear tires and setting off ASC. Oops.

I finally catch up as he waits at the stop sign back onto the main road. The car looks incredibly unreal. The rear fenders are freakishly cartoonish, making the roof look narrow. But seeing those 4 tailpipes and that little M badge tells me all I need to know about this car being real and serious about its job.

As traffic clears, the Imola machine launches smoothly and fiercely. I take off with ASC blinking. Hard shift into second, ASC light solid. The M slowly pulls away, four pipes smokin'. At the light, we are side to side. I have my left indicator on, signaling my way home. He has his right, heading north. Now, north of where we are is nothing but open road and farms. I wonder what he is planning to do. ;)

With a friendly smile and wave shared, the car goes on its way, I go mine. I reach for the two front window controls, give them a quick tap to go all the way down, press the volume knob, rotate it 180 degrees and cruise peacefully home.

Now this is what it truly means to drive a BMW. :thumb:
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