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BMW Diagnostics: Concepts & Capabilities -- Watch This Space ;-)

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately your question means you need to read the Manual for the Creator C310+ :)
It should have been included in the package when you obtained it, but if it was NOT, then you can view & download it in pdf format here, and the pdf is searchable (Ctrl+Shft+F):

As Ian succinctly explained, NEITHER of the two screens you attach show any codes, as far as DTC's or Diagnostic Trouble Codes (BMW Fault Codes or P-codes) are concerned. The first screen I assume means you can either (1) press OK to connect to the EGS or Transmission Control Module, or (2) press BACK to return to the previous menu (you haven't connected to anything but the car generally when you are looking at that screen).

The Second Screen you attach is General Information about the EGS Module. Since the only choice the menu buttons at the bottom of the screen give you is BACK, you must have selected this "Information Screen" from a Menu to which you will return by selecting BACK. So neither of those screens is either Fault Code display, or a Menu from which you can Select Fault Code Display (Read), or any other Diagnostic Function. The problem Most/ ALL of us have trying to understand electronics: CONCEPTS. You do NOT need to understand the complexities of how chips work, how they are programmed, programming language, or any of the really detailed and tedious stuff, IF you have a decent WORKING concept of how the computer system in your car works, and the capabilities of your Scan Tool or Diagnostic Software.

I will start a new thread today that identifies MY CONCEPTS of the "BMW Computer/Module Network" and my own Summary of Diagnostic Software or Scan Tool Capabilities when connected to that Network. If you or anyone else is interested in thinking about those subjects, please read, think and share Concepts/ Knowledge.

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