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Gary? and again 550i SP winter setup

So the bottom line is I have a 2008 550i with Sport P. I need winter tire/wheels setup.
I bought 17" Style 138 off someone and they do not fit me, as far as I can tell only because the caliper comes way too close to the rim.
I have been told that they do not fit because they came of an Xi model.
Is style 138 is just a style that has different rims for i model vs Xi model?
Will style 138 17" "for i" model work for me?
I have also heard that adapters are available, not quite sure how this would work but can anyone explain and tell me where I can get those if such a thing exist?

If all else fails what is the best option on TireRack 17" or 18" + wheels. I am inclined not to buy RFTs since I think they are overpriced for what they are?
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