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The car is a 1997 Z3 2.8 with 86K miles.

The water pump bearing gave out which ended lodging the fan blade in the fan shroud. To repair that, I just finished installing a fan delete kit, a Stewart water pump and a complete cooling system flush. At the same time, I installed a used Conforti Cold Air Intake. Now, I've got a Check Engine ligt. The Peake tool read out the following:

41 - Camshaft sensor
F5 - "Secondary air system flow too low, Cyl. #1-3"

According to the records, the car had a new Camshaft Position Sensor (12 14 1 703 221) installed a few hundred miles before I bought it and has only been driven 1,100 miles since.

Any thoughts? Did I mess something up? Did the recently replaced sensor go bad? Other ideas?
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