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And WHAT purpose does these two serve!?

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More interference from The Makers of the "Ultimate Driving Machine"!
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Of the junk yard 5, how many were M54 cars?

Lack of quantitative data when posting absurd assumptions really annoys me. The N52 is a proven engine that fixes nearly ALL of the M54’s problems, which are numerous. @edycol loves to track his N52 to great success.

Please post ONE issue with the N52 that is NOT shared with the M54. Preferably, from personal experience, NOT from making some half judged guess based on posts.

I’ll wait.

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It’s a simple question, one that you’re never able to answer. You constantly insinuate that the N52 is a junk engine, with the ‘07 being the worst of them all, which only attempts to alienate those owners. If you’re going to make such claims, you need to provide quantitative data in support, especially as you’ve never touched the engine. Numbers are simple, yet you never post them. If posts are a statistically valid source of data, then the M54 is a dumpster fire of an engine compared to the M52, according to the E46 board. We could play that game going back years, and claim that BMW hasn’t made a quality, reliable engine since the M10. So you even know what the M10 is? So why is the N52 an unreliable mess?

If we’re going on posts alone, examine your record: the M54 X3 is a cobbled mess, they spend weeks in the shop to still not get fixed, CELs are lit for years with no way of diagnosing and fixing them, the AC almost never works, and the X3 is such an unreliable turd that simply driving it 250 miles (on a tank of fuel no less!) and not breaking down is surprising. Most of us know that the E83 is the opposite, but see the picture that your own posts paint?

Regarding the pictures item in the first post of this thread, consider that one of the many items that the LCI update in 2007 fixed. ;)

Here's some quantitative data that supports the N52/6L45 combo:

Font Material property Parallel Rectangle Screenshot

Material property Font Parallel Pattern Number

And here's some background reading on the N52 platform, which actually is the pinnacle of naturally aspirated BMW engine design, a fantastically power-dense powerplant given its relatively low mass.

Buy socks on Amazon, not car parts.
Speaking of "annoys me"
let's add an important stipulation.... while your "waiting"...
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Sigh. If you’re going to attempt to insult someone, please make it comprehensible.

Buy socks on Amazon, not car parts.
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They come gratis with oil consumption. [emoji23]

Buy socks on Amazon, not car parts.
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