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angel eyes (Pics)

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Ok where can I find these lights, with the same color?
Please post links for me, thanks in advance!


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you can get them here:

they arent P shopped, its just that it was taken in the dark, so that the rings appear very bright. The color is pretty accurate as well. I have a set on my car too.
webguy330i said:
Honestly I think it'd be a hell of a dope addition to any 3'er if they weren't BLUE rings, and if the corners were amber (following the 5'er look, instead of the ricer look).

BTW, I find it even more of an oddity that the word "ricer" is censored. :yikes:
the blue color is from the LED's that are in there. The amber corners, or even clear corners look stupid with them. So I disabled the corner lights, and the only blink with the turn signal.

The new generation rings are supposed to be exactly like 5 series rings in color and intensity also
those halos are very ral. I have them on my car, but the only time they are that bright is at night. Cant see them during the day, and if you have halogen lights, it looks kinda funny. So Im using PIAA's temporarily to match the color, but the light output sucks. In process of getting HIDs now
Re: Don't even sweat it...

obLu said:
This isn't much of a modders board, and if isn't bone stock you're more than likely to have it torn apart by the old dudes.
haha, thats kinda funny
1 - 5 of 35 Posts
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