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angel eyes (Pics)

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Ok where can I find these lights, with the same color?
Please post links for me, thanks in advance!


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webguy330i said:

Exactly what I was thinking; almost sepia-ish. And as we all know, blue on yellow = attention grabber.

chukiechz, it'll be interesting to see how they look (the new ones).
If the picture was taken with a SLR (film based) camera or Digital Camera without white point correction, this is what happens when you take a picture under mis-matching lighting conditions. Tungsten based lights (Halogens and Filaments) require the use of Tungsten film for night time photography, Florescent lights are just simply CRAP for night time photography, and require heavy filtering. Normal film is suited for daylight use only.

Some mid to pro-sumer digital cameras offer white point correction to fix this particular problem.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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