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Annoying Things Your Dealer Does

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For the most part my dealership is great. My service advisor always gets me a loaner whenever I need one, and always fights for me. But, I was just wondering if anyone else had these little issues with their dealer.

1. Washes car even though you asked them not too
2. Does not torque wheels to 72 lbs., but cranks them down.
3. Puts all 7 qts of oil in, not 6.9 qts
4. You are a loyal customer, refer others to the dealership and then have to argue to get a warranty item fixed.
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Yep- sounds like all the dealers I've visited. I was in on Saturday to have some work done and told the service advisor not to wash my car. He said "uh huh yeah... ok sir just sign here". I read the work order and saw that it didn't say "do not wash". so I wrote it in. Then the advisor says "Why don't you let me do my job".....that pissed me off-- he gives something for to sign that's incomplete and then gets upset when I correct it. I talked to the tech who was going to perform the work and again said "dont' wash the car".. He said "oh.. you dont want it washed?" even though he'd read the work order. I was waiting for my car and happened to see the tech driving it to the wash area at the end-- so I intercepted him and again said "please don't wash my car".. He said "oh yeah-- that's right you told me that". Like anything at the dealer, if you want something done right, you need to remind them about 5 times-- and even then they'll still probably screw it up.

I was actually bringing the car back to correct a problem that they'd caused- and I loved that on the work order it said "No charge--customer courtesy" as if they were doing me a favor by fixing the problem and not charging me (which I'm sure in their mind they were).

wheels- I'm going to try and avoid having the dealer do anything that would require them to remove the wheels. One dealer torqued the wheels to what must have been over 150 ft lbs. Nice.

Oil- I agree w/ Nat- bring your own pre-measured oil. But, I wouldn't really trust the dealers I've visited to not just keep the oil and use their own instead-or to just forget. If you tell them to do anything outside their normal routine, they get very tripped up.
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