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I know the "whether to buy an extended warranty or not" has been discussed here ad nauseam. That is not the purpose of this post.

I have a 2010 E93 with just under 47k mi. I do not know anything about the previous owners, their driving habits or care for the vehicle.

I plan to use it as a weekend car. City, highway and occasionally on curvy roads in the mountains. No race, no track.

I know initially the oil changes were done ahead of schedule - 1200 mi service was performed at 700 mi, next oil changes at 1600 mi and 4700 mi. Subsequent oil changes at 15k mi and 29k miles. I'm convinced I need to buy an extended warranty for peace of mind. Especially since there is no indication that TAs have been replaced, so that expense will be coming soon.

With that said, the concern is of 3rd party warranty companies disappearing in the night. I've read and heard plenty about how they sell warranties for a few years and close shop (perhaps to avoid paying claims). And the vehicle owner is left with no warranty and out a lot of money.

How does one determine which warranty company will have longevity? That they will honor claims as expected? I want something that will cover as much as possible.

I've been told BMW offers 3rd party - Warranty Solutions - backed by Wells Fargo.

Need a solid recommendation(s) that I will not come to regret. I know there are no guarantees but I want to do proper due diligence.

And should $3000 be sufficient to buy a very good warranty with either no or low deductible?

Thanks in advance for your your contribution and help.
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