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Another LMII question

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So I've read through quite a few threads now about fixing adaptive headlights, swapping LMI to LMII, etc.

I've decided to go ahead and try buying a new module to correct my adaptive headlight issues and decided I might as well upgrade to the newer module while I'm at it.

It seems there's different revisions to the modules, and I see a lot of 01 and 02 revisions. Now I've come across a rev 03. Can somebody with more knowledge than me on these chime in if this may work for my car? My thought is right now that this may be a mistitled sale, and it won't work for the E64.

This would be going into an E64 2004 645Ci, Jan 04 production with xenon adaptive headlights.

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The problem with your adaptive lights are the modules located on the headlights themselves. I would suspect that you have gotten moisture or condensation inside the headlights, & this has shorted the modules, or shorted out the internal warning on your headlights. Remove or slide the front bumper cover forward, & remove the headlights. You need to determine if the headlights have been damaged, or the modules on one, or both headlights have been damaged. The wiring passes thru the driver side headlight, then to the passenger headlight. Once the headlights have been removed, take the passenger side headlight & turn it upside down, then plug it into the driver side headlight wiring plug.
once this has been done, check & see if the light works properly while it is mounted on the drivers side.

Without the proper software, you can not run diagnostics on the headlights, to see which headlight has the problem, or the ability to run test on the modules You can remove the modules from the headlights, to see if water has damaged the modules. Also remove the door cap on the back of the headlight, to see if the wiring has been shorted out. This is not a cheap repair, as you have 2 modules that might be bad, & a damaged headlight as well. The cost of the repair for the headlights could be 2000.00 per headlight. The modules for the Active steering need to be marked, as they are coded to the side they came from, so do not mix them up. It might be best to try & find a used headlight with the modules, which will make the repair cheaper. Used headlights with the modules could still cost around a 1000.00 each, if you can find them.

The module you have posted will not fix your problem, so save your money for the needed headlight parts. What do you plan to use to run diagnostics with, as you are going to need the proper diagnostic tool for the repair.
Thats about as thorough of an explanation as I could ask for.

Thanks for saving me the money on the wrong part. I'll put it towards chasing down where the real problem lies. My assumption was that because the headlights didn't appear to have any moisture, it was probably good up towards the front end. I'll actually look into it now. Your direction sounds pretty good for troubleshooting so I'll run through those same steps.

The diagnostics that I've been using is just the Carly app and Bluetooth OBD connection. I'm only a few months new to the game at this point, so I'm just getting into it with the basics.

Thanks again. If I learn anything I'll be sure to keep this updated.
I don't use Carly, but I don't think it will give you the capability to run diagnostics on the headlight modules. If Carly can pull the fault codes on car, then post them for me to look at.
You're correct, Carly has no true diagnostics. It's purely just for pulling fault codes or making preset coding changes (irrelevant).

The fault code that it's pulling for the headlight is 00E519,
Alive signal from the ALC system is missing / Telegram speed invalid / Telegram speed timeout

Between that E519 and the blinking green light on the Auto headlight switch, that's the furthest I was able to dig so far. Other fault codes appear to be unrelated.

Attached is the full report though.


With your car being a 2004, there is an AL module in the glove box that will fail. Early 2005 the AL was changed to a different module. I can't remember what all that module can do when it fails, but I would start there.
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