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Another Sumitomo HTR-ZII testimonial

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A couple of months ago, a friend of mine came to me asking for some advice on new tires for his MKIV Supra TT. He'd had GY GS-C and Eagle F1 on it and liked em, but they're a bit pricey when you're pushing 450+ RWHP. :)

He'd been running Kumho 712s, as he'd heard they're decent and cheap, but he wasn't happy with their ride and noise, and started having problems with balance, and ultimately discovered that they were all out-of-round and had a lot of runout, and needed lots of wheel weights to get em balanced.

On Emission's recommendation, I got him a set of HTR ZIIs, and he's very happy with them. None of the problems he had with the Kumhos, plus much better grip. He said he'd happily pay the price of the GoodYears, but the Sumitomos cost about the same as the Kumhos.

My current PZeros are wearing out pretty quickly, and these are quickly rising to the top of my list.
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Sounds like another contender. I'll be out of tread by summer (at about 18-19k miles, 14k currently) and am starting to look at options.

Kumhos were on my short list as are Pilot Sports (via Costco).

Thanks for the review.

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