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Another Zaino/cleaning thread!!!

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Yes, I am aware that this thread likely belongs in the detailing forum, but I see a bit more activity here is the 3er group, so pardon my mis-posting:

I am going to put in my Zaino order today and want to get a little feedback before doing so.

First off: Has anyone used Zaino's Z-9/Z-10 leather products? I searched and turned up nothing on these so I'm wondering if anyone has first-hand experience.

Second: I spent quite some time bouncing around the detailing forum looking for the ideal combo of Zaino/detailing products and came up with the following:

-Dawn dishwashing detergent to remove any wax or other finish applied by BMW.
-Claymagic claybar from Autozone, Z7 as lube
-Z7 for post clay cleaning and regular washings
-Z5 with ZFX (ZFX subbing out the Z1, and Z5 instead of Z2, to reduce the inevitable swirls/microscratches and make the process as simple as possible)
-Z6 Gloss enhancer spray
-Raggtop cleaner and protectant for the top
-Rain-X for windshield and windows

The only other thing I'm using is 303 protectant on other non-leather interior surfaces. I have not decided on a tire treatment yet. (Open to suggestions.)

Note that I am not looking to spend 10 hours a week detailing the car, nor do I wish to spend $200 every 6 months on supplies. I like to keep my vehicles looking clean, but not at the expense of everything else. I also have a unique situation in that where I live, we have extreme water-use restrictions due to the drought. My city has made it illegal to wash your car on your property, so technically the only way to clean is at a car wash. I tend to use do it yourself car-washes in the winter only, when it is too cold to use my outdoor hose. I still have to work this problem out, likely by visiting nearby relatives and washing the car at thier house. (Last night I illegally washed the car in the dark in my driveway because I couldn't stand all the rain spray on my week old 330). :angel:

Anyway, your input is appreciated. My 330cic is only a week old with 400 miles on it, but the dealership managed to put a fair share of microscratches in it during their detailing process. :cry: Probably from the drying.

Thanks in advance...
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Your routine sounds good. The Zaino stuff you have should last you a while except the Z7 may be.

Since you have water restriction you should put on the maximum(3) coats per your detailing day. That's the beauty of Zfx.
Get some good quality mitts and towels for wash/dry/buffing and use 2 buckets for washing. You are all set. Enjoy the new ride. Zaino should look stunning on that Topaz.
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When I washed last night (in the dark!!!) I actually used the two bucket method for the first time.

Another question I had was in regard to dust collection - I've noticed on past vehicles (especially my black truck) that when I wax a specific spot (buff out a scratch or something like that), the spot collects a ton more dust and particulates than the rest of the vehicle. Zaino's web site indicates that the polymer based products don't catch dust as readily.

Any real-world validation on this?:dunno:
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For the first couple of days, Zaino tends to attract a little dust....but after that, it's fine. In fact, it attracts far less dust than carnauba after it's been on your car for a few days.

Here's a smidgeon of info about Zaino's leather products...

Zaino leather treatment any good???

I've tried Z-10 and found it to be pretty good. Nothing spectacular though.

Also, be careful with RainX. I've heard a lot of bad stories about its performance and the way it makes your wiper clatter. It's basically a dimethyl oil (yuck, the stuff found in glossy Armour All products) that just sits on your windshield and doesn't harden. Since there is no 'resin' system to RainX, it doesn't harden and using your wipers will move the product around. However, despite some of the bad experiences I've heard about it, I've also heard about people using it for years with no problems at all.

A better alternative might be Aquapel, which is a cured doesn't smear or streak and lasts several times longer than RainX. However, one application of Aquapel costs about ten bucks and I've only been able to find it online. ( If you are lucky, you can find it at places like Wal Mart under the name of STP Vision Blade. It's the exact same stuff as Aquapel and costs about 2 bucks each.

Another alternative would be to just use Eagle One's 20/20 as your window cleaner. There's something in that product that makes water repel off your windshield almost as well as RainX.

And finally, Z-7 will work fine as your lube for Claymagic....however, Claymagic comes with its own lube. You might want to consider using that instead....just to make things simpler. Claymagic works great, but I have found Zaino's claybar (2 bars for 16.95) much much easier to work with. It doesn't stick to your hand the way CM does. But at the same time, I think CM does a quicker and more thorough job of removing contaminants.

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That definitely helps. I'll probably reconsider the Rain-x on the windshield, and leave it for the side and rear windows. It worked wonders on an older car with bad wiper blades, but the bimmer does a great job of keeping the front clear so far (based on my one day of driving in the rain).

I'll have to give some further thought to the Z-9 and Z-10. Appreciate the link to more info.

I'll probably swing by Autozone on my way home to pick up the CM.

Thanks for the info....
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