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Anthracite birch

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I have been investigating the possiblity of getting anthracite birch wood trim from BMW Individual on my '05 M3. While I've not yet seen it in person, I'm impressed with the photos and comments I've seen on the internet.

Step 1 -- Contact Steve Diamond at Eurobuyers. Yes, he can get me a set. $2,000. Ouch! Seems pretty expensive! I wonder if there are any other options...

Step 2 -- Dealership parts dept. "Yep, there it is in the parts data base. Expensive stuff! $443 list price for the 3 pieces that run across the E46 dash, for example. But -- not to worry, LMC -- we'll give you the normal generous discount. Oops -- that field there means we can't order it. Let's call the parts experts at BMWNA."
"Bad news -- you can't order the parts. It's only available as an option when the car is built."

Step 3 -- The dealership sales dept would be happy to inquire on my behalf if this trim can be special-ordered. Bad news -- it can't. The price in Germany is 790 euros, so I figure this would cost about a thousand if BMWNA would allow it -- they won't.

So the bottom line is that BMW Individual wood can be had in the USA -- but only because an enterprising American has developed a way to get around BMWNA to import the pieces. And it's expensive. I guess that makes sense.

(Steve has had some significant medical problems lately; give him plenty of time to answer any email query.)
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I remember Terry Kennedy mentioned paying $1400 for the set in his car.
LMC said:
Do German jails have comfortable beds and good food?

Do you like beer for breakfast? :D
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How would you know? Have you been wringing out your Alpina on the wrong streets?
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