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Any armchair diagnosticians?

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I have an '06 X3 with 149,000 miles, and I had a serious issue that won't be diagnosed until at least tomorrow. I wanted to know if the Bimmerfest community has any ideas. I was driving around town on Friday, and started to hear/feel metal on metal grinding in drive and reverse. I found the closest dealership, and decided to drive there to have them check it out. I began to hear a thunking noise, similar to what you hear when you drive over a manhole cover, but there weren't any manhole covers. Finally, as I was braking, there was an awful feeling through the brake pedal that FELT like a chunk of metal was between the rotor and pad. Soon after I felt that, while braking for a red light, the car locked up, and screeched to an uncontrollable halt. I had a "Service Engine Soon" light that came on the day before, but there were no other error lights, even after the car died. I had it towed the quarter mile to the nearest dealer, and it is sitting there until it opens up tomorrow. I am fearing some catastrophic problem, i.e. transmission, transfer case, and wanted to hear from you guys.
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Although you have enough miles on your X3 for an automatic transmission failure, it usually doesn't "lock up" when it fails. I am guessing a transfer case failure, or maybe a wheel bearing failure. Both of those have some history for problems. Less likely would be a differential failure.

Yes, I am sitting in my armchair.

Good luck, and let us know what they find.

Usually wheel bearings are speed dependant noise. I would guess transfer case. I suppose it could be anti-lock brake failure if you're lucky.
I had a differential failure on mine and that was loud on deceleration (almost like a jet engine) but it didn't lock like you describe.

I would guess transfer case or wheel bearings.
Problem solved!!

I got a call from the dealership that has my car, and it must be my lucky day. They discovered that my rear brake caliper was missing a bolt, and the other one was sheared off, which caused the horrible brake feel, and the eventual lock up of the rear wheels. To top it off, they are calling it negligence by my home dealership, so they are on the hook for the repairs. Should be around $2800, to replace the damaged caliper, tire, wheel bearing, and whatever else they mentioned. As for the service engine soon light, that was due to my MAF sensor malfunctioning. I have a K & N air filter, due to having the Dinan Stage 1 Software, and they are saying the filter caused the sensor to malfunction. I'm on the hook for that repair, around $800. Overall, I'm feeling very lucky.
Damn you did get off lucky. Hit the slots while you're at it!
If you're keeping the K&N filter, Bavauto sells a good MAF sensor cleaner that you spray on from time to time & avoid sensor destruction.
Ha, too bad I'm late to the thread. To be honest I was thinking brakes all the way, but whatever, no need to get into that.

*Important note: when cleaning your air filter and re-oiling, be careful when re-oiling. Putting too much and it easily seeps through, getting sucked past the hot-film sensor and fowling it up.
thanks for the tip. i think i'll stick to the oem filter though.
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