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Hi guys, just few questions I wanted to ask before I commence upgrading my car's bone stock sound system which looks like 2 speakers front, 2 speakers back.

1. What is the size and depth of stock speakers in the door of E90? I need to know diameter of speaker, diameter of the hole they are in, and how deep the hole is. This is in order to figure which speakers I need to put in as replacement, as top quality ones are usually deep, this is important. Also count for some thickness of sound deadening material on the doors!

2. Where is the line out (RCA?) which can be used to connect the subwoofer. The sub is going to be 10 or 12in, i will connect it to the shelf facing the glass (between rear speakers) and use more sound deadening material to line the trunk lid.

In addition to those mods, i'll add a 4 channel amp to power the front speakers and the sub.

Optional, if budget remains, I will add 2 tweeters up front with crossovers and they will be powerd by the headunit. I will leave the rear speakers stock as they are not as important in my setup. My first step will be the sub with amp, and then I will start upgrading the front speakers - I can't have my poor rear speakers put the base out anymore, it's just horrible.

I would really appreaciate your input on the hole and speaker sizes in front, and where can I find the line out for the Subwoofer! May be from vendors here?
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