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Any Bright Ideas?

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I just bought my first Beamer from an auction in Los Angeles. She's a 1997 3.18i 4 Door Sedan (automatic), runs decent but i've noticed that when im driving up hill (stop & go) that i there is a shutter that makes the car rattle (sometimes more than once in a single acceleration). The "shutter" happens all the time & although the mechanic told me not to worry about it.....i'm worried about it. I'm wondering if anyone in the forum can help shed some light on my situation. It seems like there is a lack of horsepower in second gear she takes forever to get up to a normal speed....i know its a 4 cyl but it still seems slow when i punch it.

One other issue with the car is that it came without power window switches! The electric system all works....i ordered some window switches and the console pieces w/ the child safety lock: my issue is that i can't find the black box piece that goes around the electrical wiring (the black piece that the window switch plugs into). 5 pin black plastic piece that wraps around the wires and connects the electric to the window switch. Again 3.18i 1997 this is not an easy part to find was hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction. THANKS A LOT glad 2 be a BMW owner even if it is a THROWBACK! Salute.
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one more thing the check engine light reads three codes:


Thanks again

Bimmer: BMW car.
Beemer: BMW motorcycle.
Beamer: Virginia Tech football coach. (Go Hokies!)

OK, now that's out of the way, I can read the rest of your post...

Cool. You bought one of the slowest BMWs ever made. The stutter could be a bunch of things. I'd check out the Flex Disc (Giubo), and definitely get the transmission checked out be a reputable shop.

As for the parts you need, fill out the last 7 of your VIN here: and get searching. You'll probably find it under vehicle trim, interior, or some-such.

As for the codes, I donno. BMW likes to throw in some BMW-specific codes so I got a BMW specific OBD2 reader. Peake seems to be a good one. Maybe someone else will chime in.

Lastly, Welcome to the 'Fest! We require pictures. Please post pictures of YOUR car. Yes, we know what E36 sedans look like, but we want to see YOURS.


thanks for the links. & yea i did buy the slowest bmw...needed a 4 cyl car i live in the city don't have much use for smthng fast just got back clear w the dmv after almost four years on the bus/trains so honestly i don't care about nthn else but cruisin right now. shes is really in good shape tho black leather interior (no scratches or damage at all which i think the upholstery was redone.) one of the most well maintained vehicles i've seen from that long ago. Anyway shes paid off so i'm more than content but i want to fix that vibration before it leads to any major issues. thanks again i'll check it out.....



and as a terps/redskins fan i must say that va tech is a bunch a bs! ha nice bike tho
Looks pretty good! Seems like you just need the actual switches. Look here, search for the part numbers. Many of us use Pelican Parts as a vendor, but check the sticky for others.

VT's football was much better while I was there. Oh well.
roger that!

So I took her to the shop we checked the guibo. It seems to be in good tears or damage at all...what I did see was oil leaking from what looks like the front engine seal..oil was also visable on the bottom of the transmission but the mechanic (who wasnt the brightest) said he thought it was all from the engine (gravity). My question is would any of these symptoms cause that shutter/vibration? It happens pretty often at least 5 to 10 times a trip...the engine/transmission seem to be in good this point I'd def like to know your opinion over homeboy at that shop he was terrible.
P0455 - P0455 EVAP Emission Control System Leak(Large)
P0111 - Intake Air Temperature Circuit Range
P1423 (usually associated with a P1421 code as well) - Secondary Air System bank 1 code vacuum hose leak

As far as the oil leak, it could either be leaking from the oil stand, or main seal, or oil pan gasket. Not hard repairs, except for the main seal replacement. That's a bear!

If you want to get more pep out of your awesome 318i (and I do love these cars and the M44 engine) - convert it to manual and change the diff to a 3.23 or higher and ditch the open diff.
one more thing the check engine light reads three codes:


Thanks again

Thx 4 the feedback I will check that out but would that main seal leak be causing the car to ****ter/vibrate or is that a separate issue?
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