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Fog Light Removal Housing Front

Sorry could'nt find the pics. But very easy to do. You can either turn the wheel hard right or left depending on which one your changing. Or remove the wheel place a jack underneath. There are about 4 screws that hold the front inner wheel well cover. Unscrew those. When thats loose go under that housing and you'll see 2 more screws that need to be removed. There's also an open hole that appears at the bottom of that housing. It's an interference fit that you can basically pop out the housing. Do that. Be mindful to remove the clip holding the Temparature probe. Once thats done you'll have full exposure to the Fog Light assembly. When you that assembly there are about 3 screws to loosen. Be mindful not to remove the orange one that appears lower center. I just did this over the weekend. Bought one off Ebay from some company out of China. $24 +15 to ship. Seller ID was XbusCrystal Actually comes from China only took about 4 days. Wow. Wish I could get my mail in 4 days:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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