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So a lot of you know me and my car personally.

She is a supercharged 540i, with an ac schnitzer make over. and a buncha other goodies.

Well here is the deal.

I was driving home then all of the sudden shes not moving very much.
15 seconds later i get the dreaded transmission fail safe message.

Now I have come to the conclusion that I am in a point in my life where dumping money into a car is simply a no-no. School is getting more expensive and well so is life in general.

So instead of trying to fix her up, I think its time for her to be in the arms of a man (or woman) who can give her the tender love and care which she needs at the moment which i cannot offer her.

Now what is wrong with her?
To be honest I do not know.
I have done ALOT of research on the matter and i found that this problem can be caused by a million things.... But honestly what ever the REAL problem is at the moment i cannot fix.

So to break things down, You are getting yourself into one of a couple of situations.
Either the car has one of those million electrical problems I have read about online..... OR
the worst case scenario the transmission decided to die.

And if the transmission did die... well hey..... it was time for a three pedal swap any way :)

So if any one is interested in her please let me know, i much rather hand her off to a bmw enthusiast instead of just some random guy on craiglist.....

so time for some eye/ear candy.

Here are some pictures: boosted e39 random shoot/?src=wap

more pictures:

and you guess it, MORE: shots of bimmer/

now some videos:

and just a breakdown of what your getting BELOW:

BMW 540i, VF engineering supercharged, and a whole lot of AC schnitzer.
( ~$40k invested )
Millage since rebuild : ~30k
chassis: 127k
Clean Title, in hand, my name ready to go.
Car passes smog at any shop, a lot of money was spent to make this happen.

*Ac schnitzer everything: rear bumper, sideskirts, side mirrors, spoiler, roof spoiler.
*Ac Schnitzer typeII 19 inch rims
*Front M5 Bumper with custom brake cooling inlets built in (the only car iv'e ever seen with these)

Brakes: Brembo BBK (e39 kit)

I.C.E: Alpine headunit, ipod ready built in into glove box, equalizer.
Custom wood/fiberglass built soundsystem in trunk. ALL CUSTOM.

All in all she is an AMAZING car, and it hurts to see her go after all these years together.
But like I said its simply the smarter thing to do.

So if interested please let me know.
I will also be considering trades, and some trades plus cash, or just plus stuff of value haha.

I need to get myself a new car asap. ASAP.... yeah did i mention ASAP.

fastest way to get in touch is email
[email protected]

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Probably smart for you, but perhaps dumb for the buyer. And, what is the asking price? Please don't say, "Serious inquires only."

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Good luck with the sale.

I'd be all over it if it wasn't for the fact that I, too, am really broke, don't have the time, and doubt that Canada would be OK with me importing it.

A three-pedal swap isn't $2k, FYI. Keeping it up to the standards of the car's previous work isn't cheap.

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oh its smart for the buyer as well im currently willing to work out a great deal for some one who is actually interested, specially people with trades (or even trades plus a bit of cash).
So like i said i need to get something asap, so let me know what you got and ill definitely consider it as long as its not ridiculous.

And as far as why i cant come up with 2k for a rebuild is simple... School got more expensive... and I lost one of my jobs and currently only working about 15-20 hours a week in my remaining job.
Why am i getting rid of this amazing e39? plain and simple, i cannot afford it at the moment. Times have changed, thats life, oh well...... Think i wanna get rid of her? NO... we been through ALOT together. But at this juncture in my life, i need to priorities with school and other expenses... the day will come when i can have a car of this caliber again... but for now... i cant. Hope that makes sense, and removes any bits of suspicion.

Like i said alot of people know me and the car personally, not trying to screw any one... Just trying to get myself outta a hole, and give some one a good deal haha.
I mean come on you can prolly part this thing out and make a ton...

And yeah a three pedal swap is going to run you a bit more than just a rebuild.
But honestly this car is pretty much done in every other aspect... i guess you could still soup the suspension up some more but other than that.. i consider her done.
So for what ever it costs you to get that fixed, you get yourself one of the nicest e39s in so cal.... not a bad deal...

Thanks for the input guys.
Lets find her a new home, and get me some money for school.

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This car used to be my friend's Dan's car. I am not sure if OP did it or not, but engine needed rebuild at around 105K miles due to low compression. This car in fact has very many nice parts and also some gremlins.

I know some more about this car if anyone is interested.

OP, what are you trying to get for it?
If price is right I'll can pick it up.

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First of all, he hasn't provided any particulars. A VIN would be nice for starters.

After reviewing the videos and his description, I'm inclined to think that the engine, transmission and added mechanical accessories might make good cores for rebuild projects. I would offer $3000.00 for the car if he'll pay for shipping to the east coast, just based on the information that he's provided here.

Not trying to be insulting, just letting you know that there is a paucity of information needed for anyone to tender a serious offer.
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