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Any opinions of the SMG transmission?

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I plan on ordering an M3 Convertible in the coming weeks and am still undecided between the SMG and 6-speed manual. Any current owners or anyone else have any opinions on the SMG and if it is worth the extra cash? Also, how much performance will I lose?
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Just picked mine up last week, SMG truly is amazing. A whole new sort of driving experience. Together with the M3, it's really special. I did the Performance Center Delivery, so I got to drive an SMG M3 there prior to taking my own away. I can't say enough for the experience. It's a short driver's school and just a taste of the Car Control Clinic, but allows you to see and feel what the car can do and then baby your new one until it's broken in. :D
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Re: SMG vs. Manual

In my opinion i think that SMG is for female drivers who want an M3. i have driven my friends SMG and it is smooth and a remarkable transmission. but it takes out the whole fun in driving. i was in sixth gear cruising on the freeway. when a c32 amg pulls up next to me. in my car i would just drop the clutch and pop it into 3rd.. in my friends car i had to click on the paddle shiter 3 times to get me there.. with the SMG you cannot drop it into neutral by dropping the clutch.. in my opinon why spend thousands more on a SMG when you can buy or upgrade your car with aftermarket parts for that price. for example dinan software, intake, and transmission software.. it will easily pull on a stock smg with the mods....
Well, since the car isn't yours I wouldn't expect an expert opinion. I can understand your comments, but I don't think male or female has anything to do with it. You need to drive SMG for a while to begin to be entirely comfortable/confident with it.

No, it doen't take the fun out of driving at all. It's something entirely different. You have a right not to like it though. It's your choice.
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