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I cannot find a discussion of this topic so am starting it. Q: Is there any real value to a product like Sprint Booster. Here is what they claim: improves your throttle response...
Usually, you get a full second of delay before you start moving. Sprint Booster Power Converters eliminates this unwanted hesitation and replaces it with a quicker acceleration.
Who gets a one second delay??? I don't even in Comfort mode.

On one Bimmer forum, quite a few users favor the Sprint Booster. On another forum, most members are saying that especially in Sport+ mode, the throttle response is so quick that there is no value in the Sprint Booster.

It's an affordable accessory so I would consider it but hate to waste money if it does not really provide a significant, practical benefit. I love Sport+ mode for spirited driving and it's the one I use when I want to really move. (ECO PRO mode??? Never. Comfort mode is fine for driving around town and I would not need Sprint Booster in these situations.)

Does anyone here have a really useful evaluation based on personal experience with the M235i? OR a link to an independent review? (All I can find is about older BMW's or BMW models without Sport+; those are not relevant IMHO).

Just bought the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Stage 1 which provides a significant increase in HP and in Torque. 364 HP, 430 lb-ft of torque. (does not provide RPM info) Not yet installed. (2015 M235i, purchased Used last week at a BMW dealer). I sure hope that Dinan really provides an obvious practical benefit because in Canada, I'm paying about CAD$2900 Installed. So it is expensive.
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