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Anybody else on the Traviata?

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Just found out that my car left Bremerhaven yesterday on the Traviata due to arrive in Charleston on the 29th!
Do I have any shipmates out there?
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Just curious, when was your car produced? Mine was Feb 14th and it's still not on a ship. They told me today that they probably dont have enough cars bound for Charleston to fill a ship so they are holding mine in the exit port. I find this hard to believe.
Well it doesnt seem to be lost.. just stuck. I cant figure it out but I am trying to collect some ammo so that I can start making calls monday. The fact that yours was produced 3-4 is very interesting. Mine supposedly arrived in Bremerhaven port on 3-4 and there it sits.

Thanks for the info.
Mystery solved. I've just learned mine is on the "hudson leader" on its way to NY. Only problem is that I think they put it on the wrong boat as my car is supposed to be deliverd to Charlotte NC. I thought those cars went to the port of Charleston... hmmm
Exactly! If necessary, I'll go get it in New York!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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