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Anybody on a list for Mini Cooper S?

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My girlfriend is thinking about getting one, I heard the wait for the S is anywhere a year to FIVE years. I figured it should be about 1.5 years of wait, is that about right? There is no Mini dealership in Texas, does anybody knows of a dealership with a short list?

We still need to see one in person, I asked my parents to go to Motorwerks Mini in Minnesota to take some pictures for me, I want to know how small this thing actually is... =)

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Actually, During the Baseball playoffs last season, I saw a promotional Mini on top of a Ford Expedition parked near the ballpark... The Ford had "Introducing the Mini" stickers on the back windows. Oh License Plate was something like Mini 1.

jastevenson said:
Texas is the Suburban capital of the world. Did you know that 1/5 of all Suburbans are sold there?

So if your Mini is outta commission, just strap it to the top of a Suburban and drive it down to the nearest dealer! Problem solved :D
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