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Anybody on a list for Mini Cooper S?

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My girlfriend is thinking about getting one, I heard the wait for the S is anywhere a year to FIVE years. I figured it should be about 1.5 years of wait, is that about right? There is no Mini dealership in Texas, does anybody knows of a dealership with a short list?

We still need to see one in person, I asked my parents to go to Motorwerks Mini in Minnesota to take some pictures for me, I want to know how small this thing actually is... =)

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atyclb said:
I thought about it as a third car, but decided I'd wait until I knew for sure that there'd be a dealership in Texas.

Even then, I think I'd have to pass unless JRAustin got a franchise. Think about it--where are you going to go to get it serviced? Even if Dallas or Houston had a dealership, how are you going to get it there if something goes wrong?
Hopefully it will be Garlyn Shelton. I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with JR. =)

U've got a good point though, if something *really* goes wrong (like if the car doesn't move), there will be a big problem considering I don't have anything to haul it to Dallas or Houston. But for regular maintenance I can do them myself.

I'm sure there will be a dealership either in Houston or Dallas, I go to Houston often so it won't be too bad, unless MAJOR problems arise. My friends with Audi's have to bring their cars to either Houston or Dallas for ALL their services.

Re: sorry to bust your bubble andrew but...

well I guess I'll bring it to Lee at Black Forrest when something really goes wrong and try to get Mini USA (BMWNA?) to pay for it. =)

hmm... so can i have his spot? ;)

Dan said:
My neighbor is #1 on the list at our local BMW dealer. He doesn't want it now, and told me I could have his spot. I love small pocket rockets, but the Mini is really tiny, and most people around here are driving stupidly oversized SUV's - I'm not sure if I want to take such a small car out in traffic with all these Suburbans, Navigators, Tahoes, Expeditions, and Excursions (ugh - one truly disgusting vehicle). It would be a great 3rd car, but I already have a 3rd car for fun on the weekends - a 1970 MGB.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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