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Anybody on a list for Mini Cooper S?

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My girlfriend is thinking about getting one, I heard the wait for the S is anywhere a year to FIVE years. I figured it should be about 1.5 years of wait, is that about right? There is no Mini dealership in Texas, does anybody knows of a dealership with a short list?

We still need to see one in person, I asked my parents to go to Motorwerks Mini in Minnesota to take some pictures for me, I want to know how small this thing actually is... =)

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sorry to bust your bubble andrew but...

i was talking to bart last time i was at GS and he told me no dealers in texas. no plans on dealerships in texas. something about texas dealers have some statewide group that had some legal problems with bmw years back and there is still bad blood. also the texas dealers are anti building a new dealership for the mini, esp (according to bart) with the new 1 series coming they dont want to invest millions into a new dealership just to have competition within the ranks a year or so later... i dunno, this is what bart told me. i tried to convince my GF to get a mini too, but i think she has her heart set on a mbz c240.

btw, sidebar, but your friends' audis... they do audi service at the vw dealer in killeen, but not under warranty. so it's closer, but not free. just an fyi.
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