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Anyone ever see a coolant leak....

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.....on the front of the cylinder head under the VANOS? The little freeze plug up there is soaked, and the BACK of the hose to the t-stat is wet. I'm wondering if it's coming from the t-stat housing, or the freeze plug. Anyone ever see such?

This is on the 1997 528i.

T-stat replaced in 2006, housing replaced with an aluminum one in 2005, water pump replaced in 2005, radiator replaced with Nissens in 2006, just replaced the coolant res AGAIN about two weeks ago, and I'll admit, I didn't bleed it completely/properly so the temp went WAY high, and I shut it down immediately.
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Replaced t-stat, t-stat housing o-ring and rubber gasket, both belts, flush and fill with new coolant.....

Coolant leaking from same spot. I'm going to attempt to replace the "Cover Lid" and "Screw Plug". (Freeze plug and the screw plug that is inside of it)

That appears to be where it's coming from. Anyone have any tips on how to get that lid and plug out in one piece?

Numbers 19 and 20 in the diagram:

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