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From SIB 21-01-01

"an improved clutch pressure plate was introduced in production in March 2001 to eliminate the potential clutch popping sound and the click felt in the clutch pedal as described above

Note: the clutch pedal popping noise and click felt in clutch pedal has no effect on clutch service life.

Only if a customer complaint is received and the popping and clicking is verified in the clutch pedal should the clutch set be replaced as outlined in the repair manual...."

In other words, the dealer will only fix this if you specifically complain of it and if they can verify it. It IS NOT a recall, it is a service bulletin that serves to inform the dealer of a reoccuring issue. Since there was a part update for 3/01, I doubt any vehicle made after that date will qualify. If the dealer tries to make the repair, BMWNA will reject the claim as the build date of the car will be after the cut off date for the Defect Code used to submit the claim.
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