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Someone left a dent on the left front fender of my 325Ci near the wheel with small visible paint scratches on the dent. The dent was about the size of a quarter. I just got a quote from a "Dentpro Colors" guy named Eduardo for $325 - 20% AAA discount. He said he will repaint part of the fender and then clear coat the whole panel and would take approximately 2.5 hours. Does this sound right to you guys?
I also asked a BMW dealer certified body shop but they quoted me $775, which is a lot higher than what dentpro charges.
However, I couldn't find any reviews on Dentpro Colors so I'm hesitant to let him do it. Does anyone here have experience with Dentpro Colors? I'd really appreciate any replies.
Also, if I don't get it fixed, will the scratched part rust easily?
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