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Anyone have 18" x 9.5" rear wheels?

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Will 18" x 9.5" wheels fit the rears of an e46 330Ci?
I like the 18" ACS type III's, but I wanted them staggered (8.5" front, 9.5" rear)

If so, what size tires would you recommend? I'd like to get the SO3's

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I have Breyton's Magic 18inx8.5. I read on the Breyton page you can ijstall the 18x9.5 on the rear but you may need a fender roll or somekind of body changes. My setup is 225/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear. The rear tire only rubbed when I had Eibach springs and 3 or more people in the car only when going into big bumps or holes. I have taken the spring out and the tires do not rub anymore.:thumb:
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