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My parents are stationed in Germany own a 2006 Ford E450 chassis Class C motorhome. It has less than 12,000 miles.

Recently, my dad noticed transmission fluid where it was parked in the winter. He took a look and it appeared to be a trans fluid return line.

It wasn't. After being towed to the nearest ford dealer that could work on US spec cars, it was determined that the transmission is shot. There aren't many details yet, but all involved (parents and ford dealer mechanics) believe it was some kind of a problem during the production stage. It appears the housing wasn't installed correctly and mated with the engine wrong. But, when you do 3,000 miles the first three years of your life and the rest in the last two, this problem arose after the warranty was over.

Contact with ford's customer service has been dismal. In nicer words, ford basically extended a middle finger and said "sorry, warranty's up!" They asked about the possibility of a goodwill repair because of the low mileage or a discount on parts, to which ford promptly replied: "ha! Ha!"

My family has had it's shares of fords - I alone owned a US Spec SVT Focus, Euro-model Focus RS and US Spec Focus ST. I sold my restored 91 Taurus SHO to make room for my E39. I ha a 5 speed SVT contour that was a blast. My mom drives around in a last generation (pre-retro) Mustang GT. We've had the trucks and a few other models. The Mustang's intake cracked and blew the engine about 2 weeks after the warranty expired (again, ford dropped a big middle finger and directed us to their new parts Dept). This is 2/2 as far as BS problems requiring expensive repairs. Current estimate of a new transmission, ordered shipped and installed with customs fees and tax is nearly $10,000. That's almost a dollar a mile driven. I find this unacceptable. And since it's going overseas, the warranty is automatically void.

Anyone heard of similar issues? Anyone around maybe some kind of a mover and shaker within ford who can help? I don't want to turn this into a Ford bashing thread, but screw me once shame on you, screw me twice and shame on me.

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