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Anyone have a step by step on how to insert F koni shock into stock?

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Right now I have bilsteins which replace the entire assembly. Was curious as to what is involved in cutting the stock fronts and adding the koni inserts.

I would like a bit of adjustability and the Bilsteins are a little too soft for my tastes when matched with H&R's.
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How big of a hurry are you in?

If you can wait about two weeks (after Homecoming) I can give you some insight.

I didn't do a step by step write up, but I can tell you some of the steps involved and how far down from the top to cut the strut.

I did take a fair amount of pictures along the way too.
See if anything in this link can help you...I know E46 and Z3 suspension designs are drastically different, but they both have McPherson Struts upfront, which would lead me to believe the process would be similar.
Try revalving first.

I went to a Bilstein tech session hosted at their west coast headquarters for the San Diego BMWCCA chapter. They'll revalve your shocks to any spec you'd like for about $55 per corner. A friend of mine is installing brand new Bilsteins in his M roadster, and he has already gone to custom valve settings. If you can hold off a couple of weeks, he'll have them installed with his stock springs and he'll exercise them at a BMWCCA autox on September 7th. I can get back to you with his opinion of the setup.

If you're in a hurry, you can call Bilstein and discuss your spring rates with them for a recommendation. Also be sure to inquire about the benefits of their shock vs Koni's. There are compelling technical reasons to stick with Bilstein.

I had no idea they would revalve them...that would be a better choice. Thanks for the info.
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