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Anyone have gloss titanium trim?

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I was looking at some older E46's a couple a days ago and I thought i saw titanium trim that had a gloss finish to it. Mine is matte finish .. just wondering if anyone has the glossy one or if it was just in the coupes or something like that.:dunno:
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hmm, not sure. i pick up my new car sat AM and it will have titanium finish - dont like "wood' on a car. will post back and let you know if it is gloss or matte.
perfect... thanks and goodluck with your delivery :thumbup:
The Titanium Trim is matte finish in both Sedans and Coupes. The older (pre-'02) trim was called Aluminum and had a glossy finish.
The Pre-02's Titanium trim was also more vulnerable to finger print corrosion .... i.e. oil from your skin would show up as a slight dark spot after a day or so .... harder to clean.

Much improved for 2002 .... that's BMW for you ... always listening to customer's issues and then taking corrective action (often subtle and unhearalded changes for the better .... ususally that is, except for the 2001 steering boost debacle which was quickly changed for 2002 again).
Gloss Sand Trim?

What you saw in older E46s was probably the standard gloss plastic trim which came in cars w/o premium package wood. I have a sand interior with the gloss "sand" trim which has a metallic gold finish which could be mistaken for titanium.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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