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anyone have this nozzle? looks good for rinsing....

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saw this on the griot's site. looks like the perfect nozzle for rinsing. I wonder if it's available anywhere else because I need some other odds and ends that griot's doesn't have (would like to one stop shop).
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I don't have the SP, but am I still allowed to be part of your "alpine white" club?
31st330i said:

well, okay.... but only if you do NOT have the folding rear seat backs (chassis more rigid). ;) rear folding seats. I can be friends with the cool people!

ict330xi said:
This is your pilot speaking, "this thread has been taken over by ruthless hijackers, please remain calm and stay in your seats"

Yes, of course you may join the new Alpine White with (or without) SP, but definitely without folding rear seats. :thumb:
i guess we are the only ones here on the weekends..oh no..wait...the real hijacker has's's you ict330xi. trying to hide behind the guise of the pilot..likely trick!

PM 325xiT said:

:lmao: :lmao:
I think maybe those referred to as "the real hijackers" might of be doing some of that get a life stuff on Saturday:dunno:

But I for one am proud of your work here in this thread.:thumb:
Well..I would have been out having a life...but mom couldn't watch the boys. :mad:

So, the wife and I stayed in and I got cought up on the Fest and .org

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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