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Anyone install Nav-Tv??

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Just curious as to how difficult this is to install and get working..
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I've installed it on my car. It took about a half hour to install and does involve splicing three wires into the Nav harness. You also have to install the antenna which I stuck under the rear bumper. They might change some of the wiring around for the 2003's (they did for the 2002's), but if there is any issue, Nav-TV is always right on top of it and will walk you through everything. System works great and I've had it installed for almost a year now with no issues at all. If you feel confident with doing anything related to car audio you should be fine or you can take the parts to a good car audio shop and have them install it. Or since you're from NY, you could have Nav-TV do it since they are in NYC.

Nice write up..

Thanx for the response. I live a few blocks away from the Nav-TV shop and have been in there to check out the systems. I would definately do it myself, sounds easy enough. Is reception good with the antenna under the bumber? Sounds better than putting it in the rear window. I'm glad to hear from someone who has done this mod. It looks great and hope to get mine done when I get my ride. Exactly how did you moun the antena under the bumoer? would you happen to have pics of it? Thanx again for your response..
On a totally unrelated note, that's a perty color you ordered. :D
With the antenna under the bumper, reception is pretty good. I live outside Philadelphia and get most of the Philly stations fine and when in NYC I get most of them fine. I originally had the antenna on the rear deck, but I am very picky about things not looking factory and out of place. To install the antenna, I basically reached under the rear bumper and just kind of stuck the antenna in. On the coupe bumper, there are a few holes along the backside of the bumper that I slid the antenna through. Its been installed for about a year that way with no problems. I don't have any pictures, but I'll see if I can take some. I ran the wiring to the antenna through a rumber grommet on the left hand side of the trunk. There is a factory antenna that is for the convertibles that goes under the rear bumper that I might try to get, but I haven't really been motivated since this has been working fine.
Very cool.

I will look into the antenna thing when I buy the setup. Thanx for the advice and input.Also when you take a pic of the antenna could you take apic of the video module installed as well. If it is not too much. Sorry to be a hassle, if it's too much do not worry. You have been very helpful.

Oh and Webguy330i, thanx for the color complimetns. I looked at your pics many times and they helped me decide on the color. Nice car!!
Re: Very cool.

GeoTopaz330i said:

Oh and Webguy330i, thanx for the color complimetns. I looked at your pics many times and they helped me decide on the color. Nice car!!
This whole thread is just one big happy Topaz family! Should I ever be lucky enough to foot the bill for an M3, it will also be Topaz. :D
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