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Anyone know how to adjust XENON headlights?

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Angry at dealership.

My dealer wont do it because they said the top mounting tabs are missing and they want me to buy a new headlight. Which I am not going to do. I hate the dealership. I don't even know how the tabs were broken off anyways. I think they just broke it and wanted me to buy a new headlight. With every single car I have evey owned the damn dealership I go to always says something and wont fix anything under warranty. I'm not saying that every dealership is like this, but with my BMW, Audi, and VW I have noticed this time and time again. I'm really tired of this. What's the point of having a warranty when they just say it wont be covered because of this or because of that. I thought dealerships get paid by BMW regardless if I have to pay out of my pocket or if its warranty work.
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What are you trying to adjust? If you are trying to re-aim the lights, there there are 2 plastic Philips screws on either side of the light which can be turned to adjust the lights. The outter screw adjusts the light vertically and the inner one adjusts in horizontally.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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